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Our company deals with the marketing and servicing of high-tech embroidery machines and the provision of additional equipment; Our customers are primarily manufacturers of embroidered clothing, advertising agencies and related industries.

The factories occupy an area exceeding 100,000 square meters. approximately 1,500 employees and the best professionals in the industry.


Feiya supplies professional machines to more than 60 countries in Europe, America, South Asia and Africa. Systematically developed product lines, both standard machines and advanced machines such as: Chenille, sequins, fast-running embroidery machines. The machines are manufactured in 9 main series and in more than 100 variants and configurations.

Annual production is more than 7000 machines sold worldwide.

With many years of experience in the embroidery industry, using the latest proven technological solutions, Feiya has developed an excellent management system from the moment of the project, through the development, research, production and sale of computerized embroidery machines and related equipment.

Our best computerised embroidery machines are a series of machines with an optimal price/price ratio to the possibilities to meet the expectations of the most demanding domestic and foreign users. They are characterized by high speed, high efficiency, aestheticity, stable performance, moderate prices, they are widely used for the production of clothing, advertising materials, briefcases and bags, shoes, hats and others.

We are certified: ISO9001, ISO9002, CE, TUV.

We offer:

⇒High quality computerized embroidery machines,
competitive prices,
Best technical and service support.

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